Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Welcome New Team Members!

After the terrible, bitter winter that socked Chicago and the rest of the Midwest, I think I can speak for more than just myself when I say I am so looking forward to the Spring. I need color and light and evolution and inspiration, all of which can be found within the sensory appeal of the transitional season. Then I remembered (smells notwithstanding) that all I need to do to get my mind off shoveling snow and transport myself someplace else is to have a peek at some of the greatness that is the POE group. Now that I've personally indulged, take my advice: prepare your eyes to be soothed, your stressful thoughts to dissipate and your lungs to expand, as you take a deep breath and enjoy the bold, delicate and breathtaking beauty from some of our newest Photographers of Etsy team members.

Spring Grass in Montana - santanrtist

Charleston Flower Box - BonzPhotography

Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow - betweenthelines

Sunset Dreams (series) - ShotByGynneth

Sanibel Island Lighthouse - ucfddd14

Morning Dew in Melbourne - theseainwinter

A Rather Inquisitive Horse - HeatherDPhotography

West Michigan Sunrise - Dejali

Golden Arches of Washington National Cathedral - infraredgoggles

Birds on an Early Morning Walk - TheEccentricLady

Red Sweetness - earthandskye

See You Next Spring - JenniferAitchison

Sheets of Field - PicturePenelope

Japanese Magnolia Blossom - JFurler

mint tea - EyeshootSquared

The New Members feature is compiled by Gigi Leonard. Gigi is a Chicago-based self-taught photographer whose camera lens automatically turns toward the poetry of the everyday. When she's not editing the POE blog, she is thinking about having another cup of coffee, playing in her digital darkroom or virtual painting studio, or attempting to master control over her newest acquisition, the Nikon D90. See her work in her shop here, and check in at her (almost) daily photo and painting blogs. If you still want more, you can view her latest finds from the world of art and decor on her blog, the roadside scholar.


...Lupen... said...

wonderful new photographs!!!!

Zulayra McKim said...

I am so with you on the getting rid of winter! I need some sun. :)

Anonymous said...

wow amazing work, I feel more relaxed now

Anonymous said...

so glad you are enjoying them! :)

From My Eye said...

Fantastic post and awesome images!

Ann Wilkinson said...

absolutely gorgeous. great finds, gigi. there's something about photographing glass that appeals to me -- "mint tea" and "morning in melbourne" are really nice compositions.

Bonz said...

Thanks so much for including my Charleston Flower Box image. Love everyone's work.

TheEye said...

beautiful blog post and wonderful photography.. kudos!