Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Painting with light

I first became interested in photography twenty years ago, when I was sixteen and began a photography course at school. My interest soon became an obsession as I marvelled at the idea of “painting with light”.
Light Ray, 8x12"
My wonderful Dad built me a little darkroom in the corner of our spare bedroom and I spent many hours processing my own films and experimenting with different developing techniques. I enjoyed photographing all sorts of things, but it soon became clear to me that my passion was for all things natural... flowers, shells, leaves, plants, landscapes and the ocean.
My career as a Primary school teacher meant that photography became a hobby rather than something I could focus on full time, until recently. My family and I moved from the UK to Sydney and once again I began carrying my camera with me at all times, and once again I had the time to devote to it.

Beach Prints, set of nine 5x7
I especially love photographing the ocean and our beautiful local beaches. I am fascinated by the movement of the waves and the colour and form they create. I enjoy creating images that capture the mood of summer, of relaxed and happy times, images that make you feel you can smell the sea air!
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