Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wandering Eye

There are high roads, low roads and roads that rise up to meet you.  At least one road is paved with good intentions, and if the old adage is to be believed, it will lead one straight to perdition.  It was once said that "all roads lead to Rome"; that may or may not have been true, but what is true is that all roads lead somewhere, even if that "somewhere" is in "the middle of nowhere".  This time out the Wandering Eye settles on "the road"; and, why would it not?  The road is a very handy thing to anyone that wanders, whether it be to Rome or to the middle of nowhere.

Road Less Traveled - RightOnStrange

The path - MatkirschPhoto

Scarlet Skies - studiocvh

Ditch Road - rrobertsphoto

Old Homestead - curioush

Winter moon - DavePeterson

head for the hills - shannonpix

Forgotten Road - JulieMagersSoulen

Street Iron - edrazphotography

Liquid Tunnel - mariterecr

And I, I took the one less traveled by - LindseysPhotography

All roads lead to... - ewaldronyuhas

Wanderer - davita

Country Road - bbrunophotography

On Meetinghouse Road - buckscountyframes

Comm Lines - PhotoGrunt

30mph Corner - jessicarogers

The Road - dnoyes

The Road - SilverHorsePhotos

Through the Dark Woods - firstlightphoto

Which Way Today - ljdesignphoto

RR Railroad Crossing 2 - Justbecausephoto

The High Road - photographybyGray

October Morning - LaurieBreton

Nobody Home - kellywarrenphotoart

middle of the road - saramontour

Freedom - MagMoment

Bronxville Street Sign - JBWPhoto


"Wandering Eye" is also "PhotoGrunt" and Steve Raley, a photographic documentarian from Seattle, Washington.  He captures images wherever he goes, and he  frequently even uses a camera.  His work can be seen on his websiteblog and his Etsy shop.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Focus On: Tag Words

I've been featuring the work of POE members, both here and on my own blog for a little over a year, and in all that time one thing has piqued my curiousity above all others. Why was it, I wondered, that in all my searches for work by POE members, the same names kept popping up?

Our Team currently has over 1800 members, and most of them are unfamiliar to me. That may not seem odd to you, but in the past 14 months I've spent quite a bit of time looking at and searching through the work of POE members. I'm not saying that I have a more extensive knowledge of our membership than anybody else, but with the exposure I've had I would expect to have encountered many more of you than I have.

There are of course cracks in any system, and it would be expected for a certain number to have fallen through, but not as many as apparently have. The reason that so many members are absent from my searches is that while I'm using the search term "poe team" not everyone is including it in their allowed list of 14 tag words. So, not only are they not showing up on my radar, they're also not showing up when any other contributor is looking for member content to include on the POE Blog, nor is their work showing up when anyone wants to include POE images in their treasuries. So, if you want to improve your chances of having your images show up on our blog, as well as any number of treasuries, follow these two basic steps:

1.) Use all of your 14 allowable tag words.

2.) Ensure "poe team" is included in that list.

I took a random and unguided tour through a number of member shops looking for images that didn't have "poe team" included as a tag word; here's a taste of what I've been missing.

The Mittens - UNCLELEE

Ice Car - gregbphotography

Gothic Self Portrait - Jenkiabaphotography

Self Portrait - KaraPesznecker

Old Stories are the Best Stories - keithdotson

Yellow Peril - AbiBoothPhotography

Uptown Theater No. 3 - Carolineanissa

Sacramento Gold Tower Bridge - bobkeenan

Winter Night, New York City - bradmeese

Emergence - LensArtwork

Morningstar Mill and Dam - mcresearch

Vintage Plymouth - NebraskaSky

Baby Chinnos - PhotographyByAnita

Alone - photographybyGray

FISHING BOAT 1 - RabbitHoleProduction

Skating Backwards at The Wharf, San Francisco - SerantoniDesigns

Paris ( 01 ) - SenArt

Tulips - stillpoint

Reflections of Barcelona - trekkerjen

Seven - zseike


"PhotoGrunt" is Steve Raley, a photographic documentarian from Seattle, Washington.  He captures images wherever he goes, and he  frequently even uses a camera.  His work can be seen on his websiteblog and his Etsy shop.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

January, February & March Slideshows are LIVE!

I thought I had posted January and February's slideshows, but I don't see them so will post them all for everyone to see...

The theme for January is... HOLIDAY HANGOVER

The theme for February is... THE HEART WANTS, WHAT THE HEART WANTS

The theme for March is THE COLOR GREEN

Visit Etsy and search POE team for more great photography!

info from Taryn, please email your entries to Taryn at

The theme was originally Springs (the object) but we have only received a few images, and so the them has been expanded and the deadline extended to next Wednesday April 20th.

THEME: "Let's Spring into Spring" . Don't have a pics of springs? Don't want to search out springs and create a new pic? We have expanded the theme to include "SPRING" Springing in to Springs, Springs, and what Spring looks like to you. Explore the coming of spring, how it tastes, feels, looks and send us your best Spring or Springs shot!

Images should be at least 5x7 and 72dpi. And each member may submit 2 pictures.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wandering Eye

Last time out we landed on the beach, and with 70% of our planet covered by water, beaches are not hard to find.  Neither, it would seem, are islands, which is what the Wandering Eye settles on week. From Greece to Australia to Sloveina to Scotland to California to South Carolina, and points in between...islands; and, more than a couple lighthouses!

Stairs on The Beach - PhotoArtByWendy

The Things You'll Never Know - poofny

The Lighthouse (No. 2) - FlashForward

Voilier Blanc - Scotland - GalerieNoire

Johns Island Festival of Lights - tlsprinkle

Still Waters - gbrosseau

Sailboat In Salem - dappledesigns

Island Pier Seascape - HeyHarriet

ZigZag Sunset2 - lovenaturephotos

Cana Island Lighthouse - timkantphotography

Kauai Sunrise - KhoKreative

Big Rock La Push - PlumLanePhotos

Land and Sea - talis

Island - stephmel

Beach Fence 3 - schugirl

Round Island Michigan Lighthouse - Celticcatphotos

Alcatraz - rrobertsphoto

Lighthouse Rose Island - JLMPHOTOGRAPHS

Sun Setting Over Catalina - JimAmosPhotos22

Silent Pier - JenniferLynnPhotos

Fairytale island church - shashamane

Hunting Island Sunrise - BillSwindamanPhoto


"Wandering Eye" is also "PhotoGrunt" and Steve Raley, a photographic documentarian from Seattle, Washington.  He captures images wherever he goes, and he  frequently even uses a camera.  His work can be seen on his websiteblog and his Etsy shop.