Monday, September 26, 2011

Wandering Eye

Well hello, and welcome back!  When last we visited, a couple months ago, the Wandering Eye had settled on Black and White images.  This time out instead of a particular theme, I decided to wander through the POE listings and share with you a number of those images that caught my eye. We ended up with a collection of 34 photographs...enjoy!

Eiffel over the Seine - SolsticePhoto

Looking Up - henatayeb

Old House - Celticcatphotos

Down the Road - rrobertsphoto

Little Helper - Michaella

window on the world - AnnWilkinson

Unlocking Santana - anikatoro

The Great White - artinmind

Whimsical Daisy Dew Drops - SunshineLaRosePhotos

Green Seats - PhotosByJudy

Dreams lost in water - stephmel

Forever Lovely - CoyPhoto

Berber Boy - ZenzPhotography

Seed Pods - jessicarogers

Equestrian Bike Rider - DDubPhotog

No Hippos, Just Reeds - LoudWaterfallPhoto

Walking clouds - MagMoment

Dewdrop Trail - HouseofSixCats

Silver Bells - Caradonnaphotography

Egret on a Nice Morning - BillSwindamanPhoto

Shadow Me, Self-Portrait No. 4 - ArtByAmarose

watching you watching me 3 - lightleak

LAUNDROMAT - thirdeyeview3

Sunrise over Bay Islands - HeyHarriet

Bench - photohale

Cell Block - JohnSturgisPhotos

Daisies in Vase - Ketzelphotography

Sunflower Profile - buckscountyframes

Black Cat - ImageNationphoto

Driftwood on Beach at Port Renfrew - YdnarImaging

Wall - reflectiveimages

Sea Birds on Posts - soloaperture

Lonely African acacia tree in the savannah - shashamane

Watching the Tide Roll In - FlashForward

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wandering Eye

I've had a hankerin' for some black and white images lately, so this time out the Wandering Eye has settled on...yep, some black and white images.  Enjoy!

Water at the Apex - AnCarPhotography

Libby Laughing - ArtByAmaros

The bottle in the old window frame - shashamane

The Luckiest - jpgphotography

The Capture of Saint Valentine - pazsint

balance - emporium51

Misty Farm - Justbecausephoto

Patterned Lily - bbrunophotography

Staircase - henatayeb

Shadows and Light - dragonflyphotography

Reading man in the streets of Lille - France - GalerieNoire

A Passing Audience - everydayeros

Black River No. 8 - rrobertsphoto

Black and White Fashion - lilacpopphotography

Soldier in the Storm - SolsticePhoto

Jefferson Barracks Cemetery - jalinde

Abandoned Building - LaurieBreton

Dreamscape - cedube