Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Collaboration opportunity...

Back in September 2009 Bill of HouseofSixCats told us about an exciting collaboration he had in the works, creating ceramic coaster sets using images from other artists and photographers. To see these collaborations click here.

Crosby Steps - Ceramic Coaster Set
Can be purchased from either
HouseofSixCats or eyeshoot

Since the collaborative venture for coasters has gone so well, he would like to remind you that the coaster collaborative offer is always open for anyone who would like to participate and now he is excited to offer you the ability to have your images on

Here is what he is offering for the lights. He will turn your image(s) into the translucent face of the night light and send them to you. He would give you the link for the light kit, and all you would need to do is glue the face (what he sends you) to the clip from the light kit. Very easy.

If you are interested, contact Bill by convo or email and he will give you the specifics.

Sepia Charlotte Anne - Art Night Light
Can be purchased from