Monday, August 31, 2009

Bulk Order Opportunity...

Krista of KMalanowski is interested in purchasing CD cases for calenders, etc to stock up for
the holidays and of course if you buy in bulk the better. The site she is looking at is and the quantity she is looking at is 100 of each of
their cases along with the coordinating pouches and mailers. The price is a whopping $608 (shipping alone is $150), but she does not need 1000 cases!

She is looking for about 5 other people to split the order, it would be 20 cases/pouches/mailers of each of their cases: cd, 4x6, business cases, floppy and landscape which would be about $122
per person. If someone would like to split their order in half, thats ok too. The only other charge in addition to the $122 is shipping to each person and that will depend on where they live.

If more people are interested, she can add to the order too.

If you are interested send her a convo through Etsy.


Do What You Love, Charge What You Deserve

Halyssa of HRPhotography has put together a wonderful post on her blog, compiling advice on pricing photography from 5 different talented Photographers - to view her post, click here.

Here are my favorite items from their shops.

jessicarogers - Close-up Barbed Fence

paintednegative - Elements

HRPhotography - Searching for Food

andreadespot - All We Are, Are Shadows

levansphotography - Tracks to Nowhere


Take a photograph of the ground, with the tips of your toes, in all the places you visit and upload your photos onto footearth. To find out more about this, click here.

Submitted by Bill of HouseofSixCats


A POE Team member sent the below info...

We have a petition posted, in efforts to get Etsy phototgraphers to sign it, regarding more promotion to the photography category. We feel that Etsy is not promoting our category in the same way, and at the same amount, as they do for jewelry or clothing.

To view the petition click here. To sign the petition use the password 81509

This petition will run until Sept. 15 and then it'll automatically be sent to the Etsy admins.

I also found another petition posted that is more to do with the entire Arts category. To view it click here.


Tali Schiffer (Etsy store name - talis)

Mosaic Monday: Farewell Summer!

One of the best things about living in New England is that fact that we have great seasons! So farewell summer, it's been real; bring on autumn!

1. Road Beckons - Annwilkinson
2. Milkweed Release - Greenrootsphoto
3. Unfinished - Buckscountyframes
4. Cartwheel - Twiggyboodles
5. Wonder - Humaninterest
6. Bowl of Blueberries - Felicitycrew
7. Love is Everything - Garyhellerphotograph
8. Jump - Greenislandstudios
9. Dreamscape - Urbandesign
10. Cat on Back - Thedizzypixie
11. The View - Shannonpix
12. Dreaming - Ellemoss

Mosaic Mondays are compiled by Susan Schumann (Schugirl). Schugirl is a graduate of the RISD CE for Advertising and Print Design. She currently teaches 8th grade history and lives in Newport, RI.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Works!

I apologize for the delay in this week's New Works! post; I've been computerless for the last few days while waiting for files to be transferred from my old PC to my brand new MacBook Pro. I'm very excited to go play with my new toy, but first I will leave you with some beautiful new images from the POE Team!

MaryDeets - Shades of Pink

kellywarrenphotoart - Watching Melrose

IndigoLens - Spring Fawn

TroyKujala - Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

zuppaartista - senescence-rose

amefaust - Leafy Green Repetition

Dminor7 - Goodbye to Summer


New Works are hand picked by Liz (InventingLiz), who lives in the Boston area with Tinker the dog. She is currently on a mission, with camera close at hand, to invent a life worth living. You may read about this journey on her blog here and visit her shop here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our August slide show is LIVE!

Created by Robyn of FromMyEye.

A selection of beautiful images from our very talented team of photographers on Etsy! Visit Etsy and search POE team for more great photography!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Focus On: Karen Casey Smith

Isn't this blog just a feast for the eyes? There's a lot of talent in this group of photographers, and there's a vast treasure trove of inspiration from all the amazing work here.

Please meet Karen Casey Smith, who's had her shop on since 2007. Karen has a wonderfully unique way of seeing the world, and she adds to her vision and camera skills some fantastic post-editing techniques from Photoshop. We had a great chat and she took the time to impart some of her knowledge, as well as divulging a bit about herself. Definitely a multi-faceted artist, Karen not only wields many cameras with ease, she also plays the ukulele to relax!

Our talk unfolded while talking about creativity:

Ann: How do you spark your creativity?

Karen: Noticing what catches my attention and following where that leads me is good for my creativity. Other people's work can definitely inspire, though often in just going through my own images something will catch my attention and off I go! There's a kind of an alchemy in working. Ideas and connections occur to me while working that planning and thinking would never bring out.

A: And, what do you do if you ever get into a creative rut?

K: Learning something new nearly always gets my enthusiasm going. I just choose something or anything that interests me. It doesn't need to be about work, though often it is, because I love what I do. It may be something I've wanted to know how to do, or an area I've wanted to improve in, and then I just have to try it out myself. Also, if what I'm working is not flowing, or if I find I'm trying too hard, I put it aside and work on something else, or play my ukulele, or pet the cats, or...well, you get the picture.

A: I really like what you say "there's a kind of alchemy in working." What kind of work do you do?

K: When I was talking about working, I had in my mind my work as an artist and photographer. More specificially, I was thinking about the processes of editing, layering images, creating mandalas, or going out on a shoot. The alchemy occures when you take inspired action on your ideas.

My work is focused on fine-art photography, digital montage and mandalas. Occasionally I do some graphic design. One of my images is being used for the cover of an upcoming CD for The Goldens, an award-winning vocal duet from Texas. I'm open to opportunity!

A: You play the ukulele? That's cool! It's not usually considered a standard piece of musical equipment, at least here on the mainland. How long have you played this instrument? What led you to pick it up?

K: I've only been playing the ukulele for a couple of years. I play my husband's, and it was one of his Christmas gifts. He wanted one, and I didn't think I really had any interest in learning to play. After picking it up and playing with it, I found it to be so much fun! It's easy to learn to play a song quickly, and depending on how much you want to learn and practice, I believe there's no end ot what you can play on one. He did get another ukulele, and the Christmas one is mine!

A: How did you get your start in photography?

K: I'd always been into drawing, painting and things like that. I love to experiment and learn new things. A friend had shown me some flower mandalas made from photographs, and I had to try to make one myself. They're so amazing and the energy around them is wonderful. Wanting more of my own pictures to make mandalas from, I got a better camera. Once I had spent the day at the Botanic Garden shooting, I was thoroughly hooked. The more I work with a camera and its images, the more possibilities I see and the more I love it.

A: What kind of software would you recommend for doing digital montage and fine-art photography refinements? Do you know of any good tutorials to pass on to the rest of us?

K: I love Photoshop. I have so much time invested in learning it, I don't even look around at anything else. Once you know how to use it, you're only limited by your imagination. You can pretty much make any vision become visible. It feels nearly like magic sometimes, or at least the way I imagine magic might be!

For anyone who has the basics down and knows the tools and their functions, I highly recommend Professional Photoshop (5th edition), The Classic Guide To Color Correction by Dan Margulis. It's not a book of formulas or steps. He teaches you how to reason and see, how to evaluate an image, plus so much more. Besides Dan, two of my favorite teachers are Deke McClelland and Scott Kelby. They both have websites with tutorials on line, and many books and videos.

There's a wonderful set of tutorials at Digital Grin. YouTube is a great resource. A fun set for photographers is 15 Tutorials for Recreating Authentic Photo Effects.

Thank you, Karen!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mosaic Monday: Mood

Thank you for all the wonderful comments over the past few weeks. It's been a pleasure sorting through all the great stuff the Photographers of Etsy have to offer!

A sense of mood is something we all strive to convey in our craft. These are a few that I think are successful. Enjoy!

1. Balancing Act - Lightleaks
2. Solitude - Yvetteinufio
3. Splashing - DSBrennan
4. Take Off - lilacpopphotography
5. The Window - Jerseymaids
6. Willow - Ara133photography
7. A Poet's Passage - Likingsofagirl
8. Pastel Chairs - Honeytree
9. Dreamy - Designsbyhelen

Mosaic Mondays are compiled by Susan Schumann (Schugirl). Schugirl is a graduate of the RISD CE for Advertising and Print Design. She currently teaches 8th grade history and lives in Newport, RI.

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Works!

Welcome back for another week of New Works from the talented Photographers of Etsy! Enjoy!

MelissaBeach - Golden Ratio

newamsterdam - The Water Platter

honeytree - Orange Cherry

erban - Lonely Cone Flower

dakotafire - Straight Path

Arialmages - Venice Afternoon

Whimsical Star - Mid Summers Eve

eyeful - Gerber Daisies

photohale - 3 Boats


New Works are hand picked by Liz (InventingLiz), who lives in the Boston area with Tinker the dog. She is currently on a mission, with camera close at hand, to invent a life worth living. You may read about this journey on her blog here and visit her shop here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mosaic Monday: I love TTV!

I love shooting TTV(through the viewfinder). Since you have to shoot, with a macro lens on auto-focus, through the viewfinder of a fixed focus lens, it allows you to capture perfect compositions. Enjoy!

1. Waiting to Be Picked - Susannahtucker
2. Beach Path - Mdhfineart
3. Hello There - Spellboundart
4. Sunny Day - Aprilrocha
5. Rest Stop - Eddyizm
6. Stalks in Blue - Citrustree
7. Surf Boys - Aliciabock
8. 1,2,3...Take Off - Heyharriet
9. Crow Gothic Branch - Gothiccrow
10. Big Loads - Ketzelphotography
11. California Sun Number 4 - Littlegraypixel
12. Raindrops on Branches - Scarletbeautiful2

Mosaic Mondays are compiled by Susan Schumann (Schugirl). Schugirl is a graduate of the RISD CE for Advertising and Print Design. She currently teaches 8th grade history and lives in Newport, RI.