Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Photo of the Day!

Hey everyone,
I'm working on a new idea for our blog. Hoping I can keep up with it, but with a baby on the way and two little boys, we shall see! Since I do the updates for the POE Flickr group, I'd like to pick out a photo for each day & post it here. I get to see the images first, and often times fall in love with many of them & feel they need to be better showcased! Such talent our team has. Of course, this also depends on you! If you allow your photos to be posted & set up for that via flickr. One other requirement is please do not put links in the text area on flickr. Your photos will not get chosen for the stream if that happens. Sorry, but it's the rules according to flickr. If you have your shop listed in your flickr profile, I will also link to it.

And without any further ado, today's photo:

Painterly Magnolia

This lovely photo comes from this shop on etsy.

Hope you like it! Puts me in the mood for spring flowers & showers!
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<3 Heather :)