Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wandering Eye

This past Friday was a beautiful day here (we haven't had that many "nice" days this year), and since I had the day off, I took myself and my camera and went out to see what I could see.  

I drove down into the Lower Snoqualmie Valley, headed south on the West Valley Road and came upon a barn I've driven by countless times, and in fact, I drove by it again.  But that little voice in the back of my head (you know the one) said, "Hey, dummy!  Go back to the barn!"  So I turned around at the Vincent Schoolhouse and went back and got a series of shots of this old red barn.  

Anyway, I mention this because evidently I've had barns on the brain ever since, which is why this week the Wandering Eye has settled on barns.  I may have gone a little overboard, but there are a number of good shots out there and these are just some of what caught my eye.  I hope you enjoy them!

The Last Homely Ranch - kosmoceratops

Leaning in 07 - shyscapes

Bright Red Barn Window - bbrunophotography

Simple Reflection - firstlightphoto

Country Barn Classic Car - WednesdaySistersArts

Fall Finery - karencaseysmith

The Barn no.1 - eireanneilis

Teton Barn - SolsticePhoto

Brown Barn with Green - PamLefcourt

Country Farming - TimeCaptured

Road to the Barn - rrobertsphoto

Fall Barns - Paintedwithlight

Holder of the Cross - photographybyGray

Red Barn - Briole

Cliff Barn - JulieMagersSoulen

Little Red Barn - funtoprint

JCT 131 - LaurieBreton

Barns 004 Vintage Spring - NellieVPhotography

Classic Barn - Celticcatphotos

Serene Life - SouthernHippie

Old Barn By Tree - greenwillow

Summer Barn - magbug

Peaceful Barn - equinoxphoto

TORWORI Rusted Cadillac and Barn - TheShutterbugEye

Red Barn - JBWPhoto

Old barn and truck - garyhellerphotograph

RED BARN - MomentEternel

Old Barn - Brownielle

Heritage Barn - FotogirlCreations

Abandoned Barn - PhotographybyTess

Broken but Beautiful - thejdawg

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Harmony #2 - Time

It's been too long since my last post.  Time seems to be in short supply these days and so, thought it would be fitting to showcase some beautiful images on the topic of time.  Each pairing below contains an image from the POE and also from the FPOE.  I am always amazed when putting these posts together how perfectly images from different photographers can look together.  These combinations below are so lovely.  I can see them hanging in my house already...

Anika is a proud member of the POE and the FPOE. She invites you to check out her shop, read her blog, and collaborate!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wandering Eye

When I look for images to populate this feature, probably the most important search criteria I use is "poe team".  The resulting list, more often than not, is comprised of members whose work I've seen many times.  The reason for that is that not everyone puts "poe team" in their list of tag words when creating a new listing.  This not only makes it difficult for me to find the work of a good many of our members, but also for anyone else who happens to be searching for POE Team images.  This time out I decided to focus not on a place or a thing, but instead on members' work that has been flying under my radar.  It took a bit of looking, but I believe I've rounded up a pretty good cross section of under appreciated work...enjoy!

Rigging Shed, Salem, Massachusetts - netsirc

Full Moon Light Play - MaiMaiLove

Schoolhouse Kansas Flint Hills - GeorgiesLens

Boathouse - briffoimages

Best Friends - Flatlandsfoto

Fort Delaware Dock - ClocksForSeeing

Old man in Train Station - KalstekPhotography

paper parasol - kristaglavich

Birch Bark - zseike

Loch side storm - robbop

Tramonto Nero - tree3art

oak tree silhoette - ianparry

Point Bonita Lighthouse - littleBstudio

Eiffel Tower - NarikosNest

the red chair and the grey mosaic - kanpai