Monday, August 31, 2009

Bulk Order Opportunity...

Krista of KMalanowski is interested in purchasing CD cases for calenders, etc to stock up for
the holidays and of course if you buy in bulk the better. The site she is looking at is and the quantity she is looking at is 100 of each of
their cases along with the coordinating pouches and mailers. The price is a whopping $608 (shipping alone is $150), but she does not need 1000 cases!

She is looking for about 5 other people to split the order, it would be 20 cases/pouches/mailers of each of their cases: cd, 4x6, business cases, floppy and landscape which would be about $122
per person. If someone would like to split their order in half, thats ok too. The only other charge in addition to the $122 is shipping to each person and that will depend on where they live.

If more people are interested, she can add to the order too.

If you are interested send her a convo through Etsy.


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