Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Welcome to you, new members!

One of my favorite colors is white. No matter that it is way after Labor Day and no one is supposed to wear it or be looking at it or thinking of it, I am telling you anyway. I like it year round. There are a number of reasons why I am so fond of it -- whipped cream, foamy oceans and delicate tuberoses come to mind -- but mainly I think it's because my two giant dogs prevent me from having any crisp and elegant-looking clothing, linens or furniture in this beautiful color. It just doesn't go with the tumbleweeds of pet hair flying around my house on any given day. For now, I'll admire that Vera Wang shirt and round tufted ottoman I saw at the store from afar, and will wear jeans and grey polar fleece until further notice. But I'll also have my cake and eat it too right this very minute by peeking at these images from some of our newest members.

Goodbye My Thistle - CherryRodeo

Evening Swan 2 - tcfineartphoto

Smile Like You Mean It - ewphoto

Wishes in White - jerseymaids

Griffith Park view of Los Angeles - audreymichel

Before the Journey - suvarna

Mesa Falls - Michaella

Won in the 10th - scentofraindesigns

Daisy Dreams in Grey - urbandesign

To my new teammates I say thank you, and welcome to the Photographers of Etsy. To my dogs I say take that!

The New Members feature is compiled by Gigi Leonard. Gigi is a Chicago-based bon vivant and self-taught photographer whose camera lens automatically turns toward the poetry of the everyday. She is currently working on a black and white landscape series, thinking about having another cup of coffee and enjoying the tones and temperatures of Autumn. You can see her work here and view her latest finds from the world of art and decor on her blog, the roadside scholar.

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