Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Inspirations is a regular feature that includes two photographs selected by one member of the Photographers of Etsy. The first photo is from that team member's personal collection, with some insight into the specific motivation behind it. The second is from another teammate, with some thoughts on why that image is particularly exciting to them.

Title: the pool
Artist and shop name: Hannah Verbeuren of HannahVPhotography

On describing what inspired her to take this photograph, Hannah says:

I took this image while I was out with my friends skating in an abandon pool we used to frequent quite a few years back. The land was overgrown and the graffiti was no longer ours. It changed so much, but it still gave us a familiar beating. I watched my friends skate all day while blasting music on cassette tape. This shot I captured illustrated the pool's history through the implied movement scraped into the concrete by skaters past. And the look of the skater resting brings a whole relationship to the pool. I love how the skater and the inanimate object seem to share a kinship

Title: untitled
Shop name: pazsint

On why this image inspires her, Hannah says:

This image charges too many creative nerves in my body. The expression, the symbolism, it's all very powerful. I love portraits, and especially ones that portray a story. I like the strength of the shot and would love to know more about the person, the incident, the background. That curiosity draws me more and more into the image. Recently I've caught myself thinking images kind of lost angst and gusto. I miss that. But this image contains it. I did a gallery show a few weeks ago and all of my work implied a deeper struggle. Thank you pazsint for inspiring me further.

Inspirations is compiled by Hannah Verbeuren. Hannah is a trained photographer who resides in Cleveland, OH with her husband Dirk and their motley crüe of cats. Her passion for photography reared its head when documenting live bands, skateboarding and parties became more than just social gatherings but also the means to an image. Currently, she works in the music industry (writing, peddling and organizing) and takes photos wherever she may roam. See Hannah's photography collection at her shop and website, and say hello to her on her blog.

Please contact Hannah if you would like to participate in a future Inspirations feature.


Laura said...

Fantastic!! Beautifully written and you've selected two wondrously evocative images -- the perfect type of images to showcase under the heading "inspirations". I really enjoyed reading this.

Hannah Verbeuren said...

Thank you Laura. I'm glad you like the selections! :)