Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome new team members!

It is that time of year where the air becomes crisper, squirrels are stuffing their cheeks to prepare for the upcoming season and I get all excited about wearing sweaters and tights. I open all the windows to fill the house with fresh air and I revel in the delicious silence that surrounds me, due to the fact that I don't have to turn on the heat or the air. The temperature is perfect. Then the next day the temperature rises 20 degrees, it feels like an oppressive oven inside and I have to turn the A/C back on. Erf.

Speaking of changing temperatures, please send a welcome shout out and enjoy some lovely images from our newest teammates, which make me feel warm and cold, in a good way.

Summer Chairs - KHawkinsPhoto

The Dryforest of Maui II - iliahi

Idaho Fair 1 - jwarren116

dashing through the snow - anniebee

Morning Mist - batfineart

Spring Snow - EAGme

The New Members feature is compiled by Gigi Leonard. Gigi is a Chicago-based bon vivant and self-taught photographer whose camera lens automatically turns toward the poetry of the everyday. She is currently working on a black and white landscape series, thinking about having another cup of coffee and enjoying the beginning of Autumn. You can see her work here and view her latest finds from the world of art and decor on her blog, the roadside scholar.


Ann Wilkinson said...

great collection, Gigi! And, the temperature variances are definitely fun to work with! thanks for a great post today.

Alison Du Bois said...

Welcome new members ~ nice work!