Thursday, October 16, 2008

How I Did It

Name: Ian Parry
Title: Hide and Seek
Location: a gothic graveyard in the UK countryside
How I did it: I was playing with an idea of ghostly images in a churchyard inspired by the Bruce Willis film "The Sixth Sense." My little boy has that blonde "midwich cuckoo" look, so I took him to a churchyard in Derbyshire while on holiday and got him to run around. I love spinning the camera off its axis, filling the frame in different ways. I used my Nikon D1X with a long lens f4 (I think), deliberately focusing on the foreground to make him softer and adding to the mystery, and ramped up the contrast in PhotoShop. There is a strange white blur on his shoulder, but I really don't how I got that. Spooky, huh!

How I Did It is compiled by Susannah Tucker. Susannah is a self-taught photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. She has been fascinated with photography since she was a young girl, and enjoys experimenting with techniques, layers and textures. View the collection in her shop here.

Please contact Susannah if you would like to participate in a future How I Did It feature.


HandiCrafts said...

AWESOME! I love that photo!

Lisa M. Dalton said...

Great photo. I like the idea of the article too. It's great for all of us who are looking to be better photographers to hear how interesting photos like this one were captured.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Wonderful photo - nice to know what a fellow photographer is doing to create his/her work.
With Halloween just around the corner, I can't help thinking it might be a ghost on his shoulders ;-)