Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wanderings: True North

I recently returned from a quick getaway to Montréal, Québec (see my photo, above) and I have to say - what a visually inspiring place! From the beautiful, old city of Montreal to the farmlands of Quebec, the area is a landscape photographer's dream. After my trip, I decided to go on Etsy and check out what POE Team members had to offer for Canadian photography. Below are some shots that particularly blew me away. Hopefully they will inspire you to further explore Canada on Etsy or even grab your camera and head north...

Bay of Fundy Boardwalk - dsbrennan

Diana says that Bay of Fundy Boardwalk was in fact taken in Canada - in Fundy National Park of Canada in New Brunswick. It was taken mid-morning, along a hiking trail near the Point Wolfe campground.

The Old Fox Tower - Starsign

Craig tells us that the fox tower itself is located at Boonstra Farms, in the municipality of Rockwood, Manitoba. He took the photo from the middle of the corn maze that the owners of Boonstra Farms construct each fall. The fox tower has been open for people to tour during the Hallowe'en season in past years. The photo was taken on September 28, 2008 in early afternoon -- 1:05 pm, central time to be precise.

Winter - lynann
(Vancouver, British Columbia)

Wonderland - uncommondepth

Roberta says that Wonderland was taken in Red Deer, Alberta at one of the popular recreation areas. It was taken in January - probably mid-day. But this far north means mid-day sun is not that high in the sky.

Boats - Celticcatphotos

Husband and wife team Ken and Cathy Gangwer tell us that this shot was taken in 2005 in Labrador. Newfoundland, Labrador and Nova Scotia are their favorite places to shoot.

Kelowna Sky - theeye

Ellen tells us that this photograph was taken on Belgo Road which is just outside of town, and is full of orchards and farms. The sunset in Kelowna is difficult to capture as we are essentially in little bowl, surrounded by mountains. When the sun starts to set, I often take a quick car ride up to the Belgo area, where there is a ridge and a canyon, where I can observe the sky. What the view lacks in terms of the actual sunset it makes up for in spectacular colours, especially if there are clouds that evening. I'm awestruck by the colours Mother Nature paints the sky. We as artists can only strive to recreate such beauty in our own works, but Mother Nature is the clear master here. I noticed by the end of the summer, I usually wasn't the only person up there on the ridge inspired to take pictures at sunset.

Lucie Wicker is a Boston, Massachusetts-based photographer who enjoys taking pictures wherever she goes. She is particularly interested in nature, landscape and travel photography. Her work can be viewed on her website, blog or in her Etsy shop.


TheEye said...

Nice Blog Lucie... thanks for letting me be part of it....
"Winter" by Lynann made me look twice... what a gorgeous shot... same with Wonderland.... I'll definitely be keeping on eye on those two artist shops in the future. Thanks again. Was fun to see my sunset shot here amongst these wonderful photos. Cheers, Ellen.

Anonymous said...

What, no photos of Cape Breton or Nova Scotia??? They are the prettiest provinces in all of Canada!

-The Halifaxer

Alison Du Bois said...

Love all of these gorgeous images! Nice post!

Lucie Wicker Photography said...

Sadly Nova Scotia and Cape Breton are seriously under represented by POEs on etsy (there isnt even one, at least that were tagged). Grab your camera and get some on there!

Lanae Photography said...

Great pics, and I absolutely love the topic. Makes me want to just fly off to Canada!!! Terrific pics POE!

Uncommon Depth said...

Thanks for featuring Wonderland. It is my belief that great beauty exists everywhere - it's more a state of mind than anything else. I've yet to travel to any place in the world that wasn't beautiful in its own special way.

ara133photography said...

WOW, these are REALLY beautiful!!! I want to visit now!! :)

Nature Manipulated said...

The Bay of Fundy Boardwalk photo is gorgeous!