Friday, October 3, 2008

New Works!

I chose this week's pictures because I fell in love with "Footsteps Behind" by uncommondepth, I think it captures the spirit of Halloween perfectly. That idea eventually led me to the four seasons, and my other choices reflect the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. My favorite time of the year is the colder months and early spring. I hope you will enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

Footsteps Behind - uncommondepth

Halloween Shadows Card Set of 6 - ANJacobsen

Winter Views - Lightleak

The First Butterfly of Spring - mjrojasphoto

In Your Shell - eyeshoot

Delicate Temptation - ferventbutterfly

ventura 2 - jamiewayne

New Works is compiled by Pam Hardy. Pam lives in beautiful Alberta, Canada. She has always been fascinated with cameras and has been taking pictures most of her life. Her favorite things to photograph are flowers and animals, and she enjoys experimenting with new subjects and techniques. See Pam's website here and her shop right here.

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Pfeiffer Photos said...

Winter views is my fave but the pumpkin shadow cards are a close second for sure--ALL are lovely!!