Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tips and Tricks: Humor in Photography

The following is one of the tips that Mason Resnick, a photographer and editor of the Adorama Imaging Resource Center, contributed to the100 in 100 feature on the Adorama website. We've peppered Mason's points with a few fine examples from some of our team members.

Venezia III - evesimone

Is something funny going on? Photograph it!

Stapler Suicide notecard - dreadsky

Humor has always been a theme for photographers, be it funny signs, juxtapositions or situations. Look for contrasts, visual non-sequitors, or just moments that make you go, "huh?"

Free the Gnomes - chicalookate

Free Whisky - hlkparis

It isn't always easy to find humor (ask any comedian) but it exists everywhere if you know where to look. Animals and children are a good fodder for funny photos. A wide-angle lens can cause distortion which may not be desirable for portraits but can create funny faces if your subject is willing.

Joy (Study of Motherhood 07) - ljdesignphoto

laughing - allieart4children

As you roam around with your camera, always be on alert for silly situations. Don't worry, you'll find them.

Laughing out Loud - ara133photography

Remember to share your best humorous pictures. Laughter and humor is the secret to long life. Don't keep it to yourself!


allieart4children said...

What an awesome post! Made me smile! Thank you for including my laughing photo! :), allie

Lorissa J. Longfellow said...

Great post. Thanks so much for including my Joy photo. What a wonderful team of photographers.

Jennifer said...

Very nice post. Thank you so much for including my Discussion photo!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Very nice! We have so many funny moments we capture...some of the signs we find are just a hoot!

evesimone said...

Great post, thanks for including my Venezia!

ara133photography said...

I love this post!!! So fun :) Thank you so much for including my squirrel! :)