Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome new team members!

Last week I was out of town and didn't bring my computer with me, so I'm making up for lost time with some beautiful works from some of our newest Photographers of Etsy teammates. Usually there is some kind of order when I approach doing this task, some restraint to keep it orderly, but this week I am compiling with abandon because there is so much wonderful work and so many new shops to explore. As a result these images are small, so click on the photos to see the bigger combinations. And welcome, comrades!

  1. Alexandria - mkcphotography
  2. The Long Descent - BrooklynBridge
  3. Stillness - DistinctivePhotos
  4. Love You, HCB - thisdesignstudio
  5. Saguaro Valley - SteveMPhoto
  6. Winter Stream - FluggaPhotography
  7. Midnight Train - WideEyedPhotos

  1. Black Smoke - kmsitko
  2. Chinese Lantern - Shartreuse
  3. Edison - studiocvh
  4. It's the imperfections which give it character - sevgik
  5. bowl of blueberries - felicitycrew
  6. Bright Colored Buoys - coffeystudios
  7. Arizona Sunset - SueBees

The New Members feature is compiled by Gigi Leonard. Gigi is a Chicago-based bon vivant and self-taught photographer whose camera lens automatically turns toward the poetry of the everyday. She is currently working on a black and white landscape series, thinking about having another cup of coffee and preparing herself mentally for Winter. You can see her work here and view her latest finds from the world of art and decor on her blog, the roadside scholar.


cutcopycreate said...

A great selection!

Felicity Crew said...

Hi POE team! Thanks for your warm welcomes!

equivoque said...

lovely blog!