Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How I Did It - WHOOSH!

Name: Michelle Campbell-Zurek of Urban Junkies Photography
Location: Downtown Los Angeles
How I did it: My husband and I used to live in downtown Los Angeles and I wanted to try to capture the energy and activity of the streets. Downtown is one of my favorite places to shoot! There is so much going on and so much to document. Buses are everywhere and they boldly maneuver their way through the crazy streets. So for me, the sound and feel of the buses zipping by (WHOOSH!) will always be a vivid memory.

We were standing on a corner and I saw the bus coming. I changed my settings to include a slow shutter: 1/6 s, at f/20. I caught it right when it passed by and I was so excited to have caught the other bus through the image as well. At home, I tweaked the levels and curves in Photoshop and this is the final result! It is one of my favorite pictures I have taken and it will always remind me of downtown living.

How I Did It is compiled by Susannah Tucker. Susannah is a self-taught photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. She has been fascinated with photography since she was a young girl, and enjoys experimenting with techniques, layers and textures. View the collection in her shop here.

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