Monday, November 3, 2008

Mosaic Monday - Wild Kingdom

It's Sunday night and I'm watching 60 minutes, but what I remember watching as a kid was Mutual of Ohama's Wild Kingdom. So for those of you old enough to remember the show, here is a tribute from the Photographers of Etsy.

1. Classic Majesty – 2ofakindphotography
2. Laughing out Loud – ara133photography
3. Who Says I Have To Stand The Same Direction – lipglass
4. Winter Rainbow – NatureIsArt
5. Part of the Crowd – HannaPhotos
6. At Home – ExquisiteImage
7. Shhh – MadrinPhotography
8. Guenon – eddyizm
9. Witaka Eye – brownrose
10. What are you looking at – morganbosley
11. ACEO Rhino Love – WonderfulWorld
12. Piglet – buckscountyframes

What were your favorite shows as a kid?

Mosaic Mondays are compiled by
Patti Meyer. Patti is an award winning graphic artist who resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. See her photography collection at her shop right here.


Alison Du Bois said...

Haven't thought of that show in years! Marlin Perkins? Thanks for the reminder, Patti:)

Sus said...

The Muppet Show!! oh and The Hardy Boys, Shawn Cassidy was soooo dreamy. *sigh* *lol*