Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mosaic Thursday: Detroit's Beauty

The Photographers of Etsy salute all of the beauty that has come from Detroit.

  1. Auto Parts – HumanInterest
  2. Yellow Escape – DarrylGlade
  3. Red 57'Chevy – TwoDogGardens
  4. Round – curioush
  5. Classic Car – tjanes28
  6. Barracuda – racergirl1313
  7. Vintage Corvette – sunraven0
  8. Going to Arizona – hlkparis
  9. Studebaker – elephantdreams
  10. Redrum – susansee
  11. Fairlane – ljdesignphoto
  12. Abstract Muscle – drockphotography
What was your first beauty? Mine was a 62' bug (from 72-74) that in the middle of winter you could not run the wipers, heater, radio and lights all at the same time. My brother and I still laugh about a drive home one evening after swim practice where he was hanging out of the window with a snow brush cleaning the windshield. The wipers did not do well with heavy snow either.

Mosaic Mondays (well, today it's Thursday) are compiled by
Patti Meyer. Patti is an award winning graphic artist who resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. See her photography collection at her shop right here.


Alison Du Bois said...

Had to laugh - I think I had that same vw bug - except mine was red, 1963 (72-75), and sometimes it wouldn't start so I spent a lot of time pushing it, and jumping in to pop the clutch. I loved that car!

Hilary/curioush said...

These rock! Thanks for including my Round photo in the mosaic.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Mine was a '66 Pontiac Tempest convertable - I still miss that car, and the price we paid for gas back then!