Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Focus On: eddyizm

Everyone, please meet Eduardo Cervantes, aka eddyizm. He's been on Etsy since February, 2007, and he's quietly been doing very well. A man of few, but well-chosen words, Eddy took some time from unpacking after a very recent move from Los Angeles to New Mexico to talk with us about his photographic life.

Ann Wilkinson: What has taken you from California to New Mexico?

Eddy Cervantes: I was born and raised in southern California. Life for me there was the beach, the snow, the mountains, the desert. I just moved to Santa Fe, NM, to try something different, to get away from traffic and intense heat.

AW: So, what prompted the decision?

EC: Change and love.

AW: You've got a very diverse portfolio of images on Etsy. What is the camera's role in your life?

: I can never be stuck shooting one thing, one style, one way. I am so enamored by photography that in these past two years I've become addicted to trying new things, and the beautiful and sad images soothe my soul and keep my spirits up. To be able to capture a frame of life in such a powerful way, inspiring and pleasing myself and those I share my work with, it's very satisfying.

AW: How do you make the time to get out and shoot? Is it something you schedule and plan for, or are you the kind of person who carries a camera as an appendage?

: Every trip I plan and take is a photo excursion. Goal -- take pictures, except maybe the doctor's office. I also carry the camera everywhere I go usually. Almost always. Always. People look at me weird. With or without a camera.

AW: What would you do if you didn't have your camera with you? Besides sitting on an examining table in the doctor's office, I mean.

: Shoot myself in the face with a big a** gun, just kidding. I would be playing music and still looking at life with my own eyes.

AW: Now that you live in New Mexico, what are you drawn to in a photographic sense?

: I've only been here a couple of weeks; I still haven't unpacked all my boxes, so I'll have to answer that question in a couple of months.

AW: What has photography taught you?

EC: An appreciation of light and composition.

You can view Eddy's work in his Etsy shop, and his complete portfolio can be seen on his website, where he encourages you to get on his mailing list. We're looking forward to seeing new works from Eduardo's new home in New Mexico.

A world traveler and self-taught photographer, look for Ann wandering around city streets and tromping through woods and hiking trails with her camera. After owning an international transportation business for many years, Ann has found her creative spirit again through the lens. See more at Ann's shop and her website.


marianne said...

wow! thanks Ann... wonderful interview! Just yesterday my daughter who is 16 walked in on me watching a show on the history of photography(we can learn alot from the masters of old!), it was on Ovation TV. I reccommend it immensely!!;-) It was about the dustbowl series and all of those who photographed there and little wonderful details about the people who they took photos of. My daughter says "mom..haven't you already seen this episode before?".. needing to switch off to be abl to tape South Park episode and I shrug and say"yes.. but for some weird reason I cannot get enough of photography and the history and everything about it." This comes back in this interview.. how Eddy cannot go without camera in hand as if we photographers are capturing and saving a piece of life with the click of the shuttter. "Can't get enough" a true addict! Then my teen says,"mom I got my schedule for next semester today.. I signed up for Photography again.. I guess I inherited your addiction!" That brightened my smile.. thanks again for the interview.. I loved every image and look forward to more..
ps my art/photo blog is
I am thrilled to see my polaroid transfer of the Oregon Schoolhouse in the little grouping on the right! and proud to be a member of the Etsy photo team!Marianne

marianne said...

Hi again Ann, I decided to write a little spot about Eduardo and gave a link to the blog.. please check it out.. hope it brings more folks to your article!
cheers, Marianne

Judi FitzPatrick said...

So nice to learn more about Eddy and his amazing work. Thank you for sharing both with us!

Jennifer said...

Really enjoyed the interview and Eddy's work (which I have admired before). Thanks for the great article!

Paula Castillo said...

flawless color and composition!