Saturday, June 12, 2010

From the Collaboratory

Vincent Versace was in Seattle for a couple of days this week, and – lucky me! – I went to one of his presentations. To cover everything I learned there would turn this from a blog post to a dissertation, so here is one simple idea: If it looks cool, take a picture.

Versace’s point was that we can have a shot composed according to the rule of thirds, with the right light, f-stop and shutter speed, and still have a blah image. It’s your passion, or duende - that WOW factor - that captures people’s emotions.

See what I mean?

Away by ara133photography

The Road by AlBrydonPhotography

Waiting white cat by eyeshoot

Racines numero 2 by MarcoLaGrenouille

Baby Hand by brownrose

Presence - Begonia Flower Mandala by karencaseysmith

More about Versace's wisdom next week. You can see his work at Vincent Versace Photography.

Nakedeye17 (Su) thinks of photography as a wake-up call: "Hey, everybody! Are you seeing this?" She loves to capture humor, too, and anything wondrous strange. Find Nakedeye17's shop here


Maria-Thérèse said...

As with everything, there has to be a good sort of balance between technique and emotion, I think. Like you say, you can have all the theoretical knowledge and still create blah photos, but I also believe that a person can WANT and desire and feel so much but without technichal knowledge, it may be hard to convey what they want. Knowing how things work helps; knowing things about composition can really help you create great images. Know the rules - and break them.

Nakedeye17 said...

You are so right, Maria-Therese. I plan to address these issues in next Saturday's posting.


Anika said...

Absolutely beautiful images...they all did a great job of drawing me, the viewer, in. I also love the simple idea: if it looks cool, shoot it!

Nice comment Maira-Therese

Anika said...

Absolutely beautiful images. They all did a wonderful job of pulling me it. I also love the idea that if it's cool looking shoot it.

Great comment Maria Therese

PhotoGrunt said...

Hey Su, I like your theme here. You're absolutely right, passion is the difference; with it, you're an artist, without it, mearly a technician.

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Beautiful images! I love "The Road"

ara133photography said...

This is an awesome post, thank you SO much for including my Away image! Maria-Therese, I totally agree - it's important to understand good composition, but to be willing to break the rules sometimes.