Saturday, June 5, 2010

From the Collaboratory

Of all the elements that combine to make a great photo, for me, story is the most telling. Good composition and color can be stunning, but if the image piques my curiosity, I'm caught.

The Buddah in Hell's Kitchen by JBWPhoto

Sometimes the story involves a question: What happens next?

Storm Approaching by urbandesign

Other times, people evoke the mystery: Who is this man? What is he like?

Handful of Rings by henatayeb

Or you begin to imagine the rest of the scene, hearing the excitement in little voices, the slap of small palms against the dough. Who brought the children together? Are they siblings? friends? Are they getting along as well as it appears? Will the buns be any good, or will too many little cooks spoil the dough?

hot cross buns by allieart4children

Sometimes the story takes a step back to focus on the photographer more than the subject: why she chose a particular subject, how he achieved a certain effect.

Untiled No. 128 by FrancesPhotography

Curiosity and story are integral to human life. Photos that evoke them tap into a very deep well.

Nakedeye17 (Su) thinks of photography as a wake-up call: "Hey, everybody! Are you seeing this?" She loves to capture humor, too, and anything wondrous strange. Find Nakedeye17's shop here


T @ Poppy Place said...

Great post! The photos are very intriguing, love the little hands :) T.

Nakedeye17 said...

Thanks,T.There's so much wonderful work on etsy ... I'm having a ball exploring it.

KClark Photography said...

Great jos as usualy Su. Keep up the good work and your eye peeled.

PhotoGrunt said...

Interesting post, Su! Thought provoking, actually. Photography is all about stopping time and capturing the details, isn't it? Well done!