Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wanderings: POE beach day! Let's step into liquid and play hooky together!

So, I thought with it being summer and all, most of us are probably behind our computer screens daydreaming of nurturing sunshine, sand between our toes, the ever fine smell of sunscreen and stepping into liquid (one of the most gorgeous movies btw!).

Maybe your vacation is only a few days away and you just need that little something to get you through until then. Or maybe you can't make it to the beach this year and need a visual reminder of the warm sweet salty air. Well, I'm here with the devil horns on to lure you to be a bit bad! Run away with me for the day and let's play hooky at the beach!

Grab your sunglasses, beach reads, towels, flops, swimsuits, surfboards, beverages, everything you need for a fun day at the beach! I'll provide the water, sun and sand, compliments of our fine POE photogs!

All of these images are sure to evoke a symphony of seagull chirps and rolling ocean waves. Just sit back, relax and soak up some rays! Oh, but don't forget to bring your camera!

Love is everything-GaryHeller

Michelle Campbell-Zurek is an artist/photographer from the east coast who is wide-eyed and smitten with the crazy town called LA. When not on a quest to capture light and stop time, she can be found painting and ingesting gobs of sweets & tea. All are welcome to stop by the Urban Junkies Artist Lounge, as well as Michelle's photography shop, art shop and website.


Ann Wilkinson said...

I feel it -- there's sand in the bottom of my shoes, and my hair is crunchy from the salt water....FANTASTIC photos, Michelle! You've outdone yourself! I wish I was there RIGHT NOW.....peace!

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

Hi Ann! :)
thanks for being my playmate at the beach today! lol!
it was easy to do with all these fabulous shots, the POE crew sure does love the beach! there were so many great pics to choose from!

thanks for reading!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Why are we sitting here in front of keyboards and monitors instead of out there playing in the sand?

Thanks for these great pics to help take us there visually - nice work, Michelle.

Peace, Judi

Gary Heller said...

Yes, lets go! I gave Iki a bit of a day at the beach when I put him in the tub while the shower was on. He loves the water and i think he really is a leopard.
Hows Dogg?
thanks for including me in this great collection.

Hey Harriet said...

Oh a day at the beach! That's just what I needed! Thanks for taking me there! BLISS!!! Love this selection so much and I'm so happy to have one of my photos included! It sure was fun to play hooky with a bunch of POEs :D xo

Dongedy said...

Wow, great shots and nice athmospheres...! i wanna go to the beach !!!! ;)

SCJ Jewelry Design said...

These pictures are all wonderful! I can feel the warmth of the sun and the smell of the ocean!

MinaLucia said...

As soon as it stops raining I am inspired to jump on the F train to the beach! Thanks!

Mary Deets said...

Living by the beaches of the Pacific NW means getting to find lots of excuses to go wandering on them, camera in hand. Thanks so much for including me in this super collection!

Rosalie said...

Really stunning. Who knew there were beaches in the pacific NW?

marianne said...

fabulous group of images... we photograph were we live and this looks pretty wonderful! I went out camera in hand and photographed anything that caught my eye.
Cannot wait until next may when I move back to santa cruz! hooray... the beach.. thanks for the wonderful summertime memories..just beautiful!!