Thursday, June 11, 2009

Focus On: Father's Day - Photography Gifts for Dads

snack bar, emulsion print from evesimone

Father's Day is fast approaching. We've done a bit of legwork for you to help find a really thoughtful and fun gift for the Dad in your life. So, sit back and relax and click your way to some fantastic finds sure to please. You may want to give Dad some freedom of creative expression with a vintage, working Polaroid camera. Or, you may want to give him some beautiful Polariod prints from some of our own photographers.

There are lots of on-line sources for Polaroid film, but be sure you know who you are dealing with. Even some third-party vendors on have disappointed customers by shipping a different film than was ordered. Adorama is a name you can rely on, and the products ship directly from them.

Happy Father's Day to Dads everywhere!

A world traveler and self-taught photographer, look for Ann wandering around city streets and tromping through woods and hiking trails with her camera. After owning an international transportation business for many years, Ann has found her creative spirit again through the lens. See more at Ann's shop and her website, and say hello to her on her blog too.


KimberlyRose said...

what a unique idea!!

Cut Copy Create said...

I need a poloroid of some sort soon !