Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wanderings: Iceland

Do they say Iceland is green and Greenland is icy? I think that's the story. I have been fascinated by Iceland for a long time, and I want to go there. Yesterday on Sirius Radio I heard the one of Iceland's Consular Generals talking about his country, and I started planning my trip. I've heard tell that it's simply beautiful, a bit expensive for tourists, and that the people are not only nice but they are also beautiful to look at. I think Iceland has something for everyone -- oceans, mountains, volcanic rocks, geothermal pools and spas. In fact, Iceland is an example to the world in use of alternative energy. I believe that geothermal power is the most common power source in the country, although to Iceland it's not really an alternative method. It's there, and they use it.

We have some great images of Iceland on Etsy, including an Icelandic wool sweater made by an Icelandic Etsy-seller. And don't miss this site:

Reykjavik by- lynann

Nature, Time & Patience No. 2 by tiffanyteske

Wistful by potatostar

Clouds Above Iceland by lynann

Icelandic Sweater by Brynja

And the Iceland myth? I think it also looks pretty blue, don't you?

A world traveler and self-taught photographer, look for Ann wandering around city streets and tromping through woods and hiking trails with her camera. After owning an international transportation business for many years, Ann has found her creative spirit again through the lens. See more at Ann's shop and her website.


tanya said...

Awesome, thank you for the feature. I have more Iceland photos here:

David said...

You can see more of Lynanns work here too!


Pfeiffer Photos said...

Ooo...yes, want to visit Iceland now, too!

Jesspeterson said...

Have always wanted to visit Iceland as well.. ever since I started dreaming about it. Literally, in my dreams.

ppdesigns said...

I just got back from iceland today, what timing!! It really is a beautiful country - even when it's raining. The landscape is amazing - hoping i got some good shots - going to review them tomorrow!