Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Inspirations is a regular feature that includes two photographs selected by one member of the Photographers of Etsy. The first photo is from that team member's personal collection, with some insight into the specific motivation behind it The second is from another teammate, with some thoughts on why that image is particularly exciting to them.

Title: Flower dust
Artist and shop name: Lupe, of Honeytree

On describing what inspired her to take this photograph, Lupe says:

This photo of a giant poppy flower is still my all time favorite photograph in my collection. I took this photo when I was living on Lopez Island up near Canada, north of Seattle. I was living on an Organic Bio dynamic farm for 6 years growing massive amounts of veggies and flowers. This lovely poppy was in the greenhouse with no wind or bright sun. I was able to get a crisp clear macro, I was really looking to capture the pollen and seed pod at this stage. I love the pollen dust on the petals and all the variation in light and dark and detail. It was originally a lavender color but I chose to make it sepia toned to really focus on the range of tones.

Title: Windblown - Wild Horse
Shop name: NatureIsArt

On why this image inspires her, Lupe says:

Every time I see this photograph my heart jumps a little. It is such a powerful image. What really strikes me is the brilliant soft light and detail, and the rich copper colors of her windswept mane. The look in her eyes is so gentle yet powerful. It is truly stunning and inspiring to me as a photographer. All the images in NatureIsArt's shop are really wonderful. I'm not a horse person at all, and haven't taken pictures of animals yet. It's just the pure beauty captured in this photograph that really captures me.

Inspirations is compiled by Hannah Verbeuren. Hannah is a trained photographer who resides in Cleveland, OH with her husband Dirk and their motley crüe of cats. Her passion for photography reared its head when documenting live bands, skateboarding and parties became more than just social gatherings but also the means to an image. Currently, she works in the music industry (writing, peddling and organizing) and takes photos wherever she may roam. See Hannah's photography collection at her shop and website, and say hello to her on her blog.

Please contact Hannah if you would like to participate in a future Inspirations feature.


lupe said...
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Pfeiffer Photos said...

That horse almost has a surreal feeling...it's very sharp. Nice work.

ara133photography said...

Beautiful. This has been one of my favorites since I started here!! I just adore this image :)

gigi said...

I am crazy about both of these photos, but especially the fact that the horse is one of the wild ones in North Carolina. Two of my favorite childhood books were Misty and Stormy of Chincoteague. Thanks for the memories. :)