Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Inspirations is a regular feature that includes two photographs selected by one member of the Photographers of Etsy. The first photo is from that team member's personal collection, with some insight into the specific motivation behind it The second is from another teammate, with some thoughts on why that image is particularly exciting to them.

We kick off the first post today with Hannah VerBeuren's inspirations.

Title: blanchisserie
Shop Name: HannahVPhotography

On describing what inspired her to take this photograph, Hannah says:

"I was walking along the streets of this small village in France and immediately this space struck me. I was instantly charmed by the dainty nightgowns but with a closer look I saw the beauty of a photographic image. The gowns were so light and airy, carefully hanging on the cold metal fence beyond them. In the reflection of the glass I could see the clouds in the sky and the light post of street that guided me. I frequently seek interesting layers in an image and on this evening in France it was provided by a natural drycleaner."

Title: wall 2
Shop Name: komoriblue

On why this image inspires her, Hannah says:

"This piece calls my attention to the beauty of decay. The layers, subtlety, peeling and all the different textures clinging to one another have created this intriguing design on the elderly wall. The photography is stunning and the composition has subtle flow and movement. The shapes seem to repeat over and over and mimic each other. I hope to come across a wall like this one day -- and when I do, I will think of this image and hope I capture a moment in time."

Inspirations is compiled by Hannah Verbeuren. Hannah is a trained photographer who resides in Cleveland, OH with her husband Dirk and their motley crüe of cats. Her passion for photography reared its head when documenting live bands, skateboarding and parties became more than just social gatherings but also the means to an image. Currently, she works in the music industry (writing, peddling and organizing) and takes photos wherever she may roam. See Hannah's photography collection at her shop and website, and say hello to her on her blog.

Please contact Hannah if you would like to participate in a future Inspirations feature.


Anonymous said...

beautiful choices, Hannah.

Hannah Verbeuren said...

Thank you. I'm glad you like them.

Erin said...

wonderful photos!