Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photographer's Favourite

Photographer’s Favourite features two specially selected images from a Photographers of Etsy team member, and their personal thoughts about them. The first photo is from their own collection, and the other is from a fellow teammate.

The photographer selecting the images this week is a personal favourite of mine, so it's a kind of photographer's favourite's favourites. The images have been chosen by Barbara Carter who is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This is what she has to say about her own style of photography:

"My painterly or pictorial style developed out of an exploration of Polaroid image transfers and digital manipulation. Initially I was attracted to the Polaroid transfer process because it creates a particular mood and texture, an impression rather than a literal expression. To create archival pieces I started scanning the transfers which lead to compositing images from multiple captures, and eventually to adding texture from captures of texture rather than from Polaroid transfers."

Here is the image she has chosen from her own work:

Barbara's comments on her own photograph:

"This 8x8 image is part of a my BIRDS series. Its printed on Hahnemuhle Smooth Fine Art paper with Vivera (pigment) inks.This sandhill crane was captured at Bosque del Apache, a wildlife refuge in central New Mexico. The image is a photomontage. The crane was captured at first light. The background is from the Bosque, but from later in the day. Also part of the photomontage are several layers of texture and TTV edges to give the image a vintage look."

Barbara's choice comes from Canadian artist Roberta Murray who trades as uncommondepth on Etsy.

Broken Wings

Barbara's thoughts on Roberta's work:

"Roberta's work is always an inspiration to me. She catches images with a haunting tenderness and then, through artful post-processing and the judicious addition of texture, creates stunning, gorgeous, evocative imagery. I particularly love her birds (as I have gone to the birds myself), but her landscapes have the same quality. "Uncommondepth" is an apt name for Roberta's work. Thanks, Roberta, for ongoing inspiration.

Of this specific image, Roberta herself says:

"Broken Wings represent the fragility of the world around us, and how easily nature can be broken by society's ignorance and selfishness."

Photographer's Favourite is compiled by Rhiannon Connelly. She’s a professional portrait and fine art photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Most of the photographs she currently shows on Etsy are what she calls “Polaroid Paintings” – using the nearly extinct SX70 Polaroid film to create dreamy images halfway between photograph and painting. One of the best things about this technique is that after taking the photograph most of the work is done in a cafe! See more in her Etsy shop , her website and her blog.

Please contact Rhiannon if you would like to participate in a future Photographer's Favourite.

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Uncommon Depth said...

I'm a huge fan of Barbara's work, so it's a huge honor for her to have chosen me from the many talented photographers on POE. Thank you.