Monday, September 29, 2008


Inspirations is a regular feature that includes two photographs selected by one member of the Photographers of Etsy. The first photo is from that team member's personal collection, with some insight into the specific motivation behind it. The second is from another teammate, with some thoughts on why that image is particularly exciting to them.

Title: fleeting
Artist and shop name: Allie Cavender, of allieartforchildren

On describing what inspired her to take this photograph, Allie says:

My inspiration for this photograph came from my children, particularly the way they seem to be changing every day and growing up so quickly. Everyone said the time would fly, and it is, more than I ever realized it would. At times, I feel almost panicked, and feel driven to try and capture these fleeting moments with my camera. On this day, we were taking photographs for another Etsy seller. Our oldest daughter leaned down to pick some flowers, one of her favorite things to do, and I caught it. Then, while editing, I flipped the photo from portrait to landscape, and I thought, "She's flying. Look at her beautiful hands." The photograph captured perfectly my feelings of time racing past, and my longing to hold my children closer.

Title: The Monk and The Monkey
Shop name: ancientartizen

On why this image inspires her, Allie says:

I found this photograph by Chris of ancientartizen while writing a post on diversity for my own blog. I was struck immediately by the intimacy of this photograph. Both the monk and the monkey seem very comfortable being with each other and each one appears to be very interested in the other. There is an element of acceptance and peacefulness to their relationship. The sepia tones also add a gentleness to the scene and allow the focus to be on the two main characters and their relationship with each other. For me, this photograph evokes strong emotion, which I think, is part of what great photographs do.

Inspirations is compiled by Hannah Verbeuren. Hannah is a trained photographer who resides in Cleveland, OH with her husband Dirk and their motley crüe of cats. Her passion for photography reared its head when documenting live bands, skateboarding and parties became more than just social gatherings but also the means to an image. Currently, she works in the music industry (writing, peddling and organizing) and takes photos wherever she may roam. See Hannah's photography collection at her shop and website, and say hello to her on her blog.

Please contact Hannah if you would like to participate in a future Inspirations feature.


allieart4children said...

Thank you so much, Hannah, for asking me to participate! I really appreciate it! :), allie

Hannah Verbeuren said...

Allie, you did an inspirational job! I'm honored you took part. Thank you!

Alison Du Bois said...


gigi said...

I think the hands are one of the most expressive parts of the body. Allie's shot is so nice, and her observation about the ease with which the monkey and monk regard each other is spot on.