Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wandering Eye

This is the week for "Focus On" in the Wednesday rotation, but since I've been on vacation and haven't had a chance to conduct a proper interview, "Wandering Eye" is going to have to fill in.  Look for "Focus On" again in two weeks in its normal slot.

Last week, if you'll recall, I was corresponding from Florence, Italy.  On our way to Florence we had a stop over in Frankfurt, and on our way back we stopped in Munich, so this week the Wandering Eye settles on Germany.  I hope you enjoy the perspectives presented by these artists.

The Mill - cameradi

Neuschwanstein Castle- ljangphotography

Break Free - clcphotos

Manhole Cover, Stadt Trier (City of Trier) - PhotoGrunt

German Church - mesmanimages

24 Apr 10 - TheDailyFoto

Lubeck alley - MatkirschPhoto

Cobblestone Road in Cologne - Paintedwithlight

Old Bridge Heidelberg - Celticcatphotos

Fairy tale castles - DreambyDay

A Fairy Tale Castle - levansphotography


"Wandering Eye" is also "PhotoGrunt" and Steve Raley, a photographic documentarian from Seattle, Washington.  He captures images wherever he goes, and he  frequently even uses a camera.  His work can be seen on his websiteblog and his Etsy shop.


Matthias said...

Thanks for including my L├╝beck photo! There are so many beautiful spots in this country, I love the Neuschwanstein photo. Great unusual photo what maybe is the most photographed object in Germany.

Celtic Cat said...

A love this selection of photographic captures!

TheDailyFoto said...

These are really lovely. Thanks for including my Daily Foto of the German street sign :)

ljangphotography said...

Thanks Steve for including my Neuschwanstein photograph in this fine collection of images from Germany. Seeing these beautiful pictures remind me of the fantastic time we had while we visited Germany, and I hope you're having a great time too!

EAGCG said...

Thanks for including my cobblestone! What a great collection of photos.

Anika said...

Wow! Wow! Fantastic images, just beautiful.

dialno said...

Nice treasury!
Thank you!

dialno said...

Nice treasury!
Thank you!

Tavi said...

How dreamy and wonderful! That last image is one of the most beautiful things I've seen today. Thanks for the dose of inspiration, Steve!