Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Harmony #1 - Teamwork

Welcome to the first Harmony post.  Here I will feature shots by both the Photographers of Etsy and the Female Photographers of Etsy teams.  It’s my hope that in doing this post you will learn about some talented photographers of Etsy you may not yet know of.  Also, I encourage you to check out the FPOE blog.  Just like with this site, it is full of beautiful photography, insights into Etsy and Photography, and links to inspirational sites; you are bound to be impressed!

In the spirit of bringing us all together, of teamwork, I thought that our first post would showcase some shops that are currently donating their profits to disaster relief in Japan.  Without further ado, Harmony #1- Teamwork.

Top Left: (POE) "Wonder" by Roadside Photographs.  Top Right: (FPOE) "I Helped Japan" by Rhodric Photography.
 Middle Left:  (FPOE) "Sunrise" by EvieMarieBee.  Middle Right: (POE) "Late Summer Sea" by abcdimages.
Bottom Left: (FPOE) "We're All A Little Bit Fragile" by ALPhotography.  Bottom Right: (POE) "Blossom Viewing Boats"
my mishaashton.

Anika is a proud member of the POE and the FPOE. She invites you to check out her shop, read her blog, and collaborate!


Rhodric Photography said...

Glad to be part of such group, I'll be keeping an eye at this blog :)

Dave said...

Beautiful images! Thanks for posting these!!

Anika said...

Great! Thanks for visiting!!

PhotoGrunt said...

Great job, Anika! I love the contrast between the images!