Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wandering Eye

This time out finds me submitting the current edition of this series while sitting very near the center of the city where the Renaissance began, Florence, Italy.  I am in a hotel room overlooking the Piazza Santa Maria Novella, which is but a short walk from the center of town and the Cathedral Di Santa Maria Del Fiore on the Piazza Del Duomo.  So, with that being said, how could I, in all good conscience, let the Wandering Eye settle on anything but Florence, Italy?  I couldn't, so...

Ponte Vecchio - littledarkone

Graffiti on Via delle Ruote - dhunting

Ponte Vecchio Evening - Celticcatphotos

San Lorenzo, Florence - JoannBristol


Florence - stephmel

Cappelle medicee - DreambyDay

Florence cathedral - DreambyDay

Light in the Balance - PhotoGrunt

Gelateria Lorenzo - PhotoGrunt

Campanile di Giotto - ItalianPop


"Wandering Eye" is also "PhotoGrunt" and Steve Raley, a photographic documentarian from Seattle, Washington.  He captures images wherever he goes, and he  frequently even uses a camera.  His work can be seen on his websiteblog and his Etsy shop.


Tavi said...

What an excellent group of images! Isn't Florence just the most beautiful place? And so rife with history! If you get a moment, I highly recommend a trip to "Hemingway's," for some cool decor in a coffee/gelato bar.

Celtic Cat said...

Thank You, Steve! And by the way I am so jealous of your trip. I would love to be there in Italy, in stead of shoveling snow.

althena12/ ldphotography said...

Thanks Steve, wonderful selection. Wish I were back there now.

galeria V arte said...

So cool!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

These are just fabulous!! It makes me ready to go to Florence yesterday!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Joann Bristol said...

Nice! I want to go back!

risamay said...

Italy - ever lovely. Nice collection of images. Forza Italia!

Kira/littledarkone said...

Love the photos in this post. Thanks for including mine, too! I miss Italy pretty much on a daily basis, so this was a nice bit of nostalgia for me!

Dana Hunting said...

Italy is pretty much proof that life isn't fair! I wish I was there! Thanks for including my photo in this lovely set.

Dave said...

Wonderful pics! Thanks so much for posting these!!

farragio said...

Beautiful photographs! They really evoke a mood!