Saturday, March 5, 2011

From the Collaboratory

We’re spinning along toward Spring, which brings more light (hooray!), longer days (huzzah!) and a host of opportunities to submit work for juried shows (hmmmm). Since I am a novice – I’ve only shown my work twice at a curated gallery – I could use some pointers on maximizing my chances of success for the submissions ahead.

One thing I do that may or may not be helpful is check out the juror’s work. If she or he seems to have an artistic vision completely alien to mine, I pass. At the very least, seeing what they do can help me to select images for submission.

Chances are, some of you are in a similar stage in your career. Chances also are, many of you have a long history of shows to your credit. Here’s hoping you will share your hits and flops with the rest of us, and divulge the secrets of your success.

Any thoughts?

portrait of a chickadee no. 2 by ORphotography

Resting Grasshopper by eyecandybyGreg

Secret Society No 3 by eleanors

Bank Building II - Palm Springs by Imageville

The Sea glows by FrancesPhotography