Saturday, February 5, 2011

On the Contrary - Looking Up / Looking Down

This is normally the time when I would show off some of POE’s best abstract and manipulated photos for the monthly Mind’s Eye post.  However, I am starting off a new post today, “On the Contrary”.  The theme is opposites and today's prompts are Looking Up and Looking Down.  Enjoy.
Left: PhotoGrunt "Trier Cobblestones".  Right:  AriaImages "Ascend"

Anika lives in TN with her baby, husband, and two naughty cats. She loves taking photos every moment of every day.  Anika shares her photography in her shop, on her blog, and invites you to collaborate.


PhotoGrunt said...

Hey Anika,

What a great idea! I really like the visual juxtaposition you've put together, and AriaImages' "Ascend" is very captivating; I really like Melody's work. Thank you so much for including "Trier Cobblestones"; it's one of my all time favorites! Great job!



Anika said...

Thanks Steve!
Glad you like it. They do both look so lovely together.
I like the sepia version you have in your shop too!

R Montalban said...

These are really nice, I particularly like the cobbles.

Clare B said...

Great prompt for a post Anika.