Friday, February 18, 2011

You're invited to join the Kiva16 team...

Mary Louise of mlmxoxo would like to tell our team about the Kiva 16 Team.

Kiva16 is an international community of Etsians who value our participation in the marketplace and who would like to afford other artists, artisans and entrepreneurs around the world the same opportunity. Working together and through, we can go beyond our good intentions, and they can actualize their dreams and secure their futures.

Kiva's mission is to connect people, through lending, for the sake of alleviating poverty.

Kiva empowers individuals to lend to an entrepreneur across the globe. By combining microfinance with the internet, Kiva is creating a global community of people connected through lending.

To learn more please visit the Kiva16 team here and the website here.

You can visit this beautiful treasury she created here.


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This is such a wonderful collection! (But I've always been partial to black and white!!)