Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wandering Eye

Wednesdays have been a little thin around here of late, and I've offered to pick up some of the slack, so not only will you see me here every other Wednesday, you see me here on the in-between Wednesdays as well.

Welcome to what was formerly known as "Wanderings"!  My other alter ego (alter, alter ego??) is "Wandering Eye", so during my tenure in this time slot, that is what I'm calling this feature.  Partly because that's my other "nom de guerre", but also because I don't want to limit myself to just places; I want the freedom to share with you whatever catches the "Wandering Eye's"...eye.

So, having said all that, I decided to start off with a place after all, someplace begining with an "A", because "A" connotes a begining, and that's exactly what this is.

I wanted to shine my light on someplace, some "A" place that I, and perhaps you, haven't been to.  The place I selected is "Alabama".  Maybe I'll get there one day, but until that day comes, here are some images to hold on to.

Downtown Architecture - allieart4children

Waverly Blue - poofny

alabama cats - capow

Faith -Birmingham, Alabama - eireanneilis

Sunset on Arnica Bay - TweelingPhotography

Lost In Thought - SouthernHippie

Fall Drive - RaysPerspective


"Wandering Eye" is also "PhotoGrunt" and Steve Raley, a photographic documentarian from Seattle, Washington.  He captures images wherever he goes, and he  frequently even uses a camera.  His work can be seen on his websiteblog and his Etsy shop.


Erin said...

A great place to start!! Thank you for including me :)

Ray's Perspective said...

Well done and Alabama is a great place. Thank you for including my photo.

Ray's Perspective said...

Well done! and Alabama is a great place to start. Thank you for including my photograph.

CAPow! said...

thank you for including my photo!

Michelle said...

Alabama is rich in history and a photographer's dreamland! Thanks so much for including my photo in your charming blog :)

Joanna's Foto said...

Beautiful collection!

Celtic Cat said...

I love them all!