Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mosaic Monday: Holga

I Know There's No Such Thing by missquitecontrary
Yellow Chairs  by buckscountyframes
Lewis Farm ll by HolgaJen
Mount Rainier by saramontour
Scarborough Fair by soeasilydistracted
bonnaroo the seven hundred acre farm by mikiross
Blue Wall With Green Curtain by eyeshoot
Beach Bliss by photopia
product placement by pinkiestyle

Earlier this year I discovered an art form that was totally new to me.  HolgaJen was the first photographer I started checking out and was inspired by her work to purchase a Holga 120.  I have shot 2 rolls of film but have not yet developed them.  That is on my list of things to do in this new year.  Not a resolution, cause I don't do that anymore, but on my radar in my attempts to decrease my procrastination. LOL!  Here is a small sampling of holga work by the POE Team members.

Pat of photogenicgallery lives in the Northeast USA with her husband, 2 great dogs and "Rocky" the kitty.   Every day is an adventure and every capture with her cameras are happy moments. She'd love it if you stop by her images through an open window.

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Anika said...

Love this post! And my Holga!!