Monday, January 17, 2011

Mosaic Monday: Freedom

When I sit down in front of my computer to do the mosaic monday, I rarely have an idea in mind.  It's not something pre-planned.  Within minutes while searching through the team tag, something will pop into my head. Today, we are celebrating Martin Luther King and his vision for all people to be equal and united no matter what color or creed.  The word that popped into my head was "freedom".  In one shape or form, these POE Team images represent that word to me.

Atonement by poofny
Cymbeline by greenislandstudios
2 Minute Doodles by HeyHarriet
Fancy Foxglove by bbrunophotography
It's Time by gildinglilies
Flute by Knight27
Shopping Cart by jennifersquires
A Floating Heart by shashamane
Amongst the Birds by lightleaks

Pat of photogenicgallery lives in the Northeast USA with her husband, 2 great dogs and "Rocky" the kitty.   Every day is an adventure and every capture with her cameras are happy moments. She'd love it if you stop by her images through an open window.


Gilding Lilies said...

Thank you for including my photo in this lovely mosaic.

Lucie Wicker said...

So nice! Thanks for including my "Flute."

Hey Harriet said...

Love it! Great theme and such lovely choices. Many thanks for including my 2 Minute Doodles photo :)

Jennifer Squires Ross said...

I love the theme! Thanks for including my Shopping Cart!

Celtic Cat said...

Great collection of photo-art!

Caryn Drexl said...

Lovely! And thanks for including something of mine as well. =)