Monday, July 19, 2010

Mosaic Monday: The Series

Well hello POE Team!  Sorry I'm a little late this week with the Mosaic Monday.... To give you the background about how I choose the content or theme for the mosaic.... It's random!  I sit down at the computer & start looking through the POE Team results on Etsy.  Within a few moments, a thought pops into my head & I go for it.  This week I am showing you some of the series that our talented team offer.  Please enjoy!

the york series  by SlothArt
tiny flowers III by jessicatorres
tree series by LauraTrager
elephant-on-merry-go-round by jrzygirlphotography
hardly there by JoannasPhotography
blue bike ny street by poofny
ttv beach series by sunraven0
lillies square no 1  by GesturesPhoto
french bisto series by pinestreetphoto

Pat of photogenicgallery lives in the Northeast USA with her husband,  2 great dogs and the newest addition to her family "Rocky".  She will will chasing that tabby for the next months with camera in tow.  She loves visitors to stop by and visit through her open window.


Allan said...

Random or not I'm honored to be amongst such great art! Thanks!!!

jane said...

wow! thanks for including me! hugs from spain!

joanna's foto said...

Thank you so much!
It's honor to be featured among so talented photographers!

Celtic Cat said...