Saturday, July 17, 2010

From the Collaboratory

Offaly by DeconstructTheWorld

The conversation continues regarding marketing strategy for etsy photographers. Everyone who commented on the last Collaboratory posting agreed that money for showcases would be better spent posting more photos.

Jay B. Wilson of JBWPhoto said, "I've done a handful of showcases, with mixed results. Page views certainly go up, but if you look at spending $7.00 for a Photo Showcase Spot, you could spend that $7.00 on 35 new listings or renewals (at $0.20 each) and probably generate more traffic."

New Orleans French Quarter by JBWPhoto

I'm not sure why showcases don't seem to work as well for photos as they do for craft items. Anyone have any ideas? Or the opposite experience? Another marketing tool I tried - with absolutely NO benefit - was taking out one of those right column ads on Facebook. Total waste.

Taryn (Just Me) of BornBarefoot logged in with this great reminder: Here is a new tip that I think will keep people in your show longer. It was recently talked about on one of the ETSY emails. The goal is to reduce your bounce rate and keep people on your site longer looking at more photos.

They recommended that you put a url to another similar photo in the description body of your listing. For example, if you are listing a butterfly photo and have another one already listed in your shop, put a note, that "If you like this photo, you might like this one as well: (Put url of second photo here). This will show up as a link in the copy and will encourage people to click further into your shop.

Gears by CLCPhoto

The other thing I’m finding is that exposure through art festivals and one-to-one selling increases traffic on my etsy site. I created business cards with the Smith Tower shot on one side and my etsy shop info and phone number on the other. They seem to help. They're just another way to bring us visibility.

So .... please continue to post your good ideas in Comments, or convo me. If I get enough strong feedback, we can - and certainly should - revisit this subject again.

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