Saturday, July 31, 2010

From the Collaboratory

Artichoke by moonrisephoto

My Wish List just got longer.

Have you ever gone looking for an image and had to resort to SEARCH in order to locate it? Well I sure have. Is your hard drive cluttered with images you’ll probably never look at again? Um, mine is.

Zuiderkerk at Amsterdam by silviareitsma

I’ve only been at this for about a year and a half. What will my files be in ten years? I have visions of digital files stacked up like aged newspapers in a hoarder’s house until they all come crashing down.

Enter Kevin, a “boat buddy” with whom I ride the water taxi in the morning. Turns out he’s a photographer, too, and a big fan of Adobe Lightroom. (I’m guessing many of you already use it.) John Greengo mentioned it in his class a while back, but I’d never looked at it.

In the Warren by irvingplace

Well, I checked it out, and it’s amazing. One of the online videos goes through the process from image capture to sorting and ranking and creating folders for favorites. The narrator eliminated the useless images from her hard drive immediately, tagged the best ones and added them to a portfolio in about ten minutes. Most of the commands are the same as ones used in all other Adobe programs, with a few similarly intuitive additions.

Gees! I sound like a commercial for Adobe, but I’m so excited about this program! Anyone have experiences to add before I run out and buy it?

Rush by allieart4children

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PhotoGrunt said...

Hey Su,

I've heard of Lightroom, of course, but never used it. An easy way to file my images? I could use that! I'm going to try their 30 free trial.

PhotoGrunt said...
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Just Me said...

Isn't Lightroom a photo editing software similiar to PSE? Or is it mainling for organizing your photos? Would love more information and other thoughts.