Saturday, May 22, 2010

From the Collaboratory

Okay, true confessions: I’ve been taking photographs for almost four decades. I’ve shot with Instamatics and a Polaroid, graduated to a film SLR in the 80s - used probably a half a dozen or more different cameras in 40 years. My first digital was a Kodak EasyShare, followed by a Sony a200 and now, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of a friend, a Canon 5D. You could say that from a technical perspective, I’ve come up in the world. One thing I’ve learned, though, is that the more sophisticated the equipment, the more preparation becomes key.

With the old point-and-shoot, who ever thought they needed to do anything but bring the camera? Now, when I go out for a day of shooting, the first thing I do is make sure the camera is dust free – this, after a disastrous trip to the Oregon coast when every image had a huge blob of dust on it. I had just gotten the 5D and didn’t know I should have a cleaning kit with me at all times. Huge disappointment.

Oh, and have you ever gotten out in the field and realized your removable memory card was still in the card reader by your computer? Big mistake. Huge.

The only other tools I consider essential are plenty of power (preferably one fully charged battery in the camera with a backup) and, depending on what and when I’m shooting, a tripod. If I had a speedlite, I’d take that, too, but for the most part I work outdoors, so it isn’t necessary.

I’d be very interested to hear what you consider must-haves, as we all do such different kinds of photography. In the meantime, enjoy some wonderful shots taken with nice, clean cameras.

Here's one of mine.

Mountain Bluet Bud by Nakedeye17

Big Red Door by MGWphotography

The Mighty Silversword by iliahi

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DK Miller said...

Beautiful shots!

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Nakedeye17 said...

So glad you like them. Etsy has some phenomenal artists onboard.