Saturday, May 15, 2010

From the Collaboratory

I've been going through some of my older work, trying to pinpoint what makes some images work and some ... not so much. The answers are many, with the most obvious being clarity and composition, subject matter. But even more crucial - and to seasoned photographers this will be too obvious for words - is the light.

This is one of my earlier photos.

It's not a terrible subject, and the composition, though unimaginative, isn't bad. The problem is the lack of light. Nothing in the image pops.

In contrast, look at these beautiful object lessons in the various ways light can "make" the shot.

Three Standup Pears by KetzelPhotography

Mount Rainier, Looking East by PhotoGrunt

Crosby Steps by Eyeshoot

Effervescence in Aqua by HumanInterest

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Ann Wilkinson said...

this is a great feature! thanks for putting yourself out there and for showing some great photographic examples from our community.

MaryVican said...

Agreed! We all have pieces that feel like they are missing that "something"- and it's wonderful to be able to draw inspiration from this group.

PhotoGrunt said...

We've all done it, taken that shot that turned out to be lacking in one or more ways. I know I've fallen victim to that little voice that convinced me I was shooting what I wanted to be there and not what really was. Thank you Su for putting yourself out there like this, and thank you for including "Mount Rainier, Looking East" amoung these great images (Eyeshoot's "Crosby Steps" is a long time favorite)!

Nakedeye17 said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. The poe team creates so many gorgeous photos - each one a lesson.

And Steve, we're neighbors. I love looking at the Northwest through your eyes.