Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a Photographer Wants - Part 2

Animal-friendly materials, high-quality paper inside, and attention to detail and workmanship make Kristin of LifeStoriesBooks' albums something to covet.

Being an armchair shopper these days has its merits and challenges (and is just plain fun AND virtuous). In our first POE blog post dedicated to the cool things a photographer wants and needs, we were challenged by team members Cheree and Meg of BustedKnuckle Photography, to find some animal-friendly photo albums. In addition to finding some excellent albums, we uncovered a few more wonderful things, and here is the result of some searching around on for some good stuff. We are pleased to present the second installment of What a Photographer Wants. And you know you do.

This album be a fantastic way to present your images beautifully as a gift. Diane of Irisandlily also creates wedding and baby albums that will give a portrait photographer a unique way to make clients very, very happy. She does custom covers using your images.

This keychain definitely says something about its carrier, and it's totally appropriate for a man or woman to use. Tim Adam makes the simplest design look captivating and interesting in its detail.

Paradise Hill Designs has photo frames to fit various sizes of images. The rounded and smooth corners make these extra-special.

Even digital photographers occasionally find the need to use an old-fashioned pen or marker. Dress up your workspace with this interesting and sturdy pen holder from Rick & Heidi up in British Columbia. It's sure to last another lifetime.

This is the perfect gift that's whimsical without being sticky-sweet. Canela has lots of great silver pendants, and this one is so well-suited for a photographer.

What have you discovered lately?

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marianne said...

Once again I just want to say what a class act this blog is! I cannot remember to come everyday with doing etsy ebay and my blog too but if I only have a bit of spare time this is where I run to.. I love the articles and the layout and comments.. I aspire to this blog and the wonderful photographers seen here. We are family by virtue of what we love photograph and see!Marianne

From My Eye said...

Great topic! Love the necklace!

Anonymous said...

Cute stuff. Man, my wish list gets longer every day!

Jennifer said...

Great finds! That keychain is a delight.

Anonymous said...

As an artist and self-taught phontographer, I am humbled by the superb photographers in this group. Love this blog! thanks!!

Lisa said...

These are so great! I especially love the keychain. I love it when a blog is not only pretty but useful as well. Thanks for the inspiration!