Friday, February 13, 2009

New Works!

Thank you to Lucie Wicker for doing the New Works article for the past 2 weeks, when I needed some time off for a trip out of town. She did an amazing job, and I enjoyed reading both of her posts.

This week there were far too many awesome pictures to choose from, and as a result I have featured more than normal. Every time I thought I was done I would come across another image that I was in love with. The last picture that caught my eye was "The Barn" by urbandesign.

These first few Landscapes I just love, I had to snatch them up for this week's article. The first two, as their titles say - really do have that "Mystic" quality to them. And I love Lighthouses, and barns. I have about 20 puzzles and I am always adding to my collection, there's something that draws me in about them. They are so beautiful.

Mystic Waters - PPDesigns

Mystic Garden - garyhellerphotograph

Ocean Sanctuary - honeytree

Lighthouse at Heceta Head - theeye

The Barn - urbandesign

After visiting the zoo last week, I saw these baby giraffes and just had to feature a few zoo animals. I just love African Animals.

Baby Giraffe - NatureIsArt

Kissing Zebras - PPDesigns
(I couldn't decide which PP picture to feature - so I'm featuring two!)

Sad Memories - BarkingOwls

And here are some odds and ends that I loved. Three Flowers and a bird.

Mysterious - EmeraldBlueStudio

Looking Back - uniqueangles

Fuschia - amerynn


Because Saturday is the day for love, I thought I would feature a few photos in honor of the holiday - these are just a few new and old favorites of mine. For more Valentine's Day photos - search some popular terms at Etsy by clicking on these words - Valentine's Day, Valentine, Love, Red Roses, Roses, or just search POE TEAM for more wonderful Photography.

Heart Flock - theeye
(I also couldn't decide which of Ellen's pictures to feature - so I'm featuring two!)

Red Rose - parduepictures

Top Left: Love Defined - JudiFitzPatrick
Top Right: Take It, It's Yours 3 - lightleaks
Bottom Left: I Do - ModernClassicsPaper
Bottom Right: Love - ALPhotography

New Works is compiled by Pam Hardy. Pam lives in beautiful Alberta, Canada. She has always been fascinated with cameras and has been taking pictures most of her life. Her favorite things to photograph are flowers and animals, and she enjoys experimenting with new subjects and techniques. See Pam's website here and her shop right here.


Joanna said...

Beautiful new work! Amazing landscapes- thank you for sharing!

Lucie Wicker Photography said...

I had fun filling in. Great choices today, they are stunning!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Awesome collection! I love seeing the new work so beautifully presented!

Ann Wilkinson said...

Hi Pam! Welcome back. Great post today. I can see why you had such a hard time choosing! I love the landscape photos you chose. So moody and wonderful and soulful.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love looking at other photographers work. So inspiring!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Pam, thanks so much for including Love Defined in the mosaic of love! What a wonderful post with so many beautiful images; nice job picking them!
Peace and Love, Judi

ara133photography said...

Wow, these are so beautiful! Love the landscapes; Happy Valentine's Day all! said...

They are all lovely!!!!!

From My Eye said...

Absolutely beautiful!

m. campbell-zurek-Urban Junkies Photography said...

what beautiful shots and choices!

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Some breath-taking, some thought-provoking... all wonderful!

Jaimee said...

Just catching up on my Blog Reads and saw my "I Do" in your post :)
Thanks so much for including me!