Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wanderings: Napa Valley

My friend is spending her birthday (today!) in Northern California's wine country. I decided to see if any POE members had photos of the region to share and luckily they did! As one member, Ann Wilkinson, put in one of her photo descriptions, "The Napa Valley in California is a magical place." These photos should make you inclined to agree:

Red Barn in Spring Vineyards by photoamato

Promise by AnnWilkinson

Firewood by DESIGNbyHELEN

Spring storm over Sonoma County, CA by kelleyphotoart

Lucie Wicker is a Boston, Massachusetts-based photographer who enjoys taking pictures wherever she goes. She is particularly interested in nature, landscape, and travel photography. Her work can be viewed on her website, blog or in her Etsy shop. She can also be found writing about Boston photography happenings as the Boston Neighborhood Photography Examiner.


risamay said...

It's ridiculous. I'm a Bay Area local and I've got zip in the way of Napa Valley snaps. I need to fix that!

Lovely pics you've posted.

Ann Wilkinson said...

Hi Lucie,
The Napa/Sonoma Valleys are like Disneyland for adults! More than that, though, it is a beautiful place where you can take a big fortune and turn it into a small fortune, and have a great time doing it! Thanks for including my photo!