Monday, August 30, 2010

Our August slide show is LIVE!

Created by Taylor of TaylorDPhotography.

The theme is Household Objects. Here is a selection of beautiful images from our very talented team of photographers on Etsy! Visit Etsy and search POE team for more great photography!

This is a reminder for anyone who didn't get the message about the September slide show. The theme is "Bodies of Water" and the deadline is September 3rd.

If you haven't joined the yahoo group / mailing list yet, here is the link, all of the slide shows are listed on the calendar there and each month 2 reminder messages are posted.


Jesspeterson said...

Lovely work. Congrats all!

Mary said...

Some beautiful, simple images- I love the macro silverware! Sometimes, I need to see pieces like these to remind me to slow down and look around. Great job!