Saturday, August 28, 2010

From the Collaboratory

It's a black and white kind of day, and these are primo examples of the art. Enjoy!

Nagree by ImageNationPhoto

Beautiful image of a delightful subject. I'll bet she tells a good story!

Split by lightleaks

Worlds of emotion contained in this lovely shot.I still haven't decided whether she looks sad or frightened or desperate or - what?

By Hand by KClarkPhotography

This image is filled with textures that could be overwhelming, but Kim's crisp, strong subject and her skilfull use of aperture keep the separation between foreground and background clear. How wonderful to see that tatting lace is not a lost art!

Bathing in sunlight's stillness by TheWorldIsMyStudio

Gotta love the whimsy. And the artist's use of light.

Memoir by ravencolours

Memoir is a great example of how words and images can enhance each other. On the surface, the artist is remembering her childhood, but the image also resonates with ideas like "hanging on," "hanging around" and whatever else your mind may conjure. Nicely done.

Nakedeye17 (Su) thinks of photography as a wake-up call: "Hey, everybody! Are you seeing this?" She loves to capture humor, too, and anything wondrous strange. Find Nakedeye17's shop here.


KClark Photography said...

Thanks for featuring my portrait of my Mom's hand. She's keeping wonderful company.

Anika said...

Really beautiful images

Mary said...

Oh my, I'm really loving that jungle gym piece by ravencolours! Wonderful work everyone...such memories and stillness and love and emotion. Mary