Saturday, August 30, 2008

Photographer's Favourite

Photographer’s Favourite features two specially selected images from a Photographers of Etsy team member, and their personal thoughts about them. The first photo is from their own collection, and the other is from a fellow teammate.

Our first contribution is from Phoenix-based Tandie, the force behind NestaUsa.

Tandie's choice is Nothing Less Than Paradise.

Of her own image, Tandie says:

"I took this photo at night with a really long exposure on one of the beautiful islands in French Polynesia. Capturing the beauty of the island was easy but I especially wanted to capture the feeling you have of being in a dreamlike state, of being in paradise. The gentle sound of ocean waves crashing into your bungalow, the amazing color variety of the never ending coral reefs, the stairs’ relaxing transition into the water, the lounge chairs begging you to relax… this place was nothing less than paradise."

Tandie's pick from a team member’s work is Sunday Afternoon, from Atlanta-based Morgan Kendall (mkendall).

Of Morgan's image, Tandie says:

"Sometimes you find those artists that you instantly love... you can look at the piece and simply think 'I get it'. Her work is so creative and always provokes imagination of fairytale-like journeys. "

Photographer's Favourite is compiled by Rhiannon Connelly. She’s a professional portrait and fine art photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Most of the photographs she currently shows on Etsy are what she calls “Polaroid Paintings” – using the nearly extinct SX70 Polaroid film to create dreamy images halfway between photograph and painting. One of the best things about this technique is that after taking the photograph most of the work is done in a cafe! See more in her Etsy shop and her website.

Please contact Rhiannon if you would like to participate in a future Photographer's Favourite.


Judi FitzPatrick said...

Rhiannon -
What a great start to the Photographer's Favourite features. Both of Tandie's choices (hers and Morgan's) are just stunning. Thanks for sharing with us.
Peace, Judi

Morgan said...

Thank you Tandie! I feel so honored that you chose me! Your work is beautiful!

btw-this is a really great idea for an article.

Nesta Usa said...

This is such a great idea!!! Thanks so much for letting me be the first... It turned out great!